10 Things Women Do That Annoys The @#$% Out Of Men! But We Love Them Anyway.

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Women…..can’t live with them……can’t live without them.

Thank God for women.  What would this world be without them? Well, there actually wouldn’t be a world now that I think about it.  Women are the creators of life.  They’re the nurturers. They’re the first love of all of us.  Our first bond.  They mold and groom us.  There is nothing stronger than a woman’s love. In short, we can’t live life without them.  And who would want to?

But with all that said, once you get in a relationship or married to a woman, there are a few things that they do that can “irk” us a little bit.  Maybe “irk” isn’t the best word; they can just flat out piss you off!

But after years of firsthand experience (as well as hearing the complaints of our friends, colleagues, and associates), we break down the 10 things they do that just leaves us flabbergasted.


1) Take Us Shopping With Them

There are plenty of differences between men and women, and maybe the biggest difference is the time it takes to go shopping.  Men for the most part, seek to accomplish shopping in the quickest and most efficient time possible.  For example, let’s say we need a pair of pants for work.  Most men will go to their local department store, walk into the store, walk straight to the pants section, pick out the pants in our size, go to the register, pay for the pants, and leave.  So we’re talking maybe a 15-20 minute process.

Women on the other hand take a little more time.  Actually, a lot more time.  And it’s worse when they drag you along and subject you to the long drawn out torture of watching them go through racks and racks of clothes, try on 5-10 items, ask you what you think only to disregard your opinion, and then repeat this process in 5-10 other stores.  All this to possibly purchase only one item!

It’s no wonder that in almost every department store, there is a section for the husbands and boyfriends to sit down and read magazines or look through their phone.  This scenario gets worse for those men whose wives pick out their clothes for them.  So in addition to taking 40 days and 40 nights to shop, you have to stand there while your wife holds up clothing to your body saying “That looks nice on you”. 


2) Take Up All The Space In The Bed

One of the first things you may want to invest in once you and your woman move in together is a king size bed.  Better yet, make it a California king size bed.  You’ll need it.

For some unknown reason, women tend to hog up the majority of the space in the bed at night.  Many of us may actually be bigger than our wives, but they leave us with just enough space in the bed to prevent you from falling off.  You’ll have to master the art of getting a good night’s rest while feeling like you’re stuck in a coffin. 


3) Make You Watch Crappy TV Shows With Them

Watching TV with your significant other can actually be fun.  It’s a time of bonding and enjoying each other’s company.  But in some cases you may be forced to watch a show that you have completely no interest in.

For example, there are a plethora of Reality TV shows out here that really provide little to no value to most men.  But women love these shows.  They love the drama and cattiness of some of the characters, and it provides plenty of gossip material.  So you may be forced to sit through this nonsense and fake like you’re enjoying it.


4) Mess Up A Super Bowl Party

Now if there is one TV event that we look forward to, it’s the Super Bowl.  Super Bowl Sunday needs to officially be a national holiday, but to most of us we already treat it as such. 

A lot of us are fortunate enough to have wives that are into sports.  More and more women are getting involved with sports and it makes for another good way of bonding when you both can sit down and watch the game.

That’s not to say that it sucks if your wife does not care about sports however.  But most of the time if you’re going to have or go to a Super Bowl party, you may go as a couple. 

The Super Bowl has become an event that is more than just the game.  Now it’s also about the commercials and who is performing at halftime.  The priority is and will always be the game; but it becomes annoying when people are spending more time talking about how funny (or not funny) a commercial is, and the performance of (insert name of Pop singer) during halftime.  Men who do this annoying shit normally get kicked out the party; but women we can’t do that to.  So we just have to sit there and bare it.


5) Interrogate You About Your Female Friends

Today in the Social Media age, a lot of us are friends or follow our significant others online.  So now she can see all the people you interact with on Facebook, and all the pictures you like on Instagram.  And if you give it enough time, chances are you’ll get the “Who is she” question asked to you.

What we perceive as no big deal, can be a VERY big deal to them.  That old coworker of yours who routinely comments on your post; you could get questioned on.  That woman who is always liking your pictures on the Gram; you could get questioned on.  And God forbid if somebody leaves an emoji in your comments, all hell could break lose. 

It’s maybe just a natural instinct, but it doesn’t take much for a woman to feel that another female may be infringing on what’s hers.  It seems that women tend not to trust each other that much, and the slightest sign of communication can put them on high alert.

In fairness it’s understandable why they feel the way they feel, but we just have to be prepared for when they quiz you about a woman who’s truly just a platonic friend of yours.


6) Start An Argument About Something That Happened A Long Time Ago

Let’s be honest, most of us may not have the greatest memory in the world.  Remembering what you did yesterday is hard enough; try remembering what you did four weeks ago.  Newsflash, women don’t forget anything.  Especially if it’s something that pissed them off that you did, no matter how trivial it may be.  And the problem is that sometimes women will not immediately address the issue, but let it fester and compound over time till they eventually lash out at you for some shit you did weeks ago.  And by this time you can’t defend yourself because you don’t even remember what the hell you did wrong in the first place.


7) When You Ask Them What’s Wrong  And They Say “Nothing”

We all know our wives pretty well and we can tell if something is bothering them.  And being the good husbands that we are, we’ll ask them what’s wrong? Nothing is more frustrating when they reply “Nothing”, but you know damn well something is wrong.  Sometimes you just have to allow them time to process whatever they need to process and just wait till they eventually come to you and explain what the problem is.  Let’s just hope that it doesn’t turn into scenario number 6 on this list and you forget what you even did that pissed them off.


8) Think That We’re Mind Readers

Communication is critical for a relationship or marriage to succeed.  And more specifically, open communication.  So you both have to verbalize any issues that may be bothering you.  And last I checked no human has the ability to read minds.  But every now and then she may expect you to have somehow gained this power.  I’m a huge X-Men fan, but none of us is Dr. Charles Xavier. 


9) Can’t Decide What They Want To Eat

This might be the most annoying thing that women do, PERIOD.  I’ll bet money that we all have experienced this at least once.  But let’s be clear, it’s not the fact that she may not know what she wants to eat; it’s when you start naming things to eat and she says no to each one of them.  It almost makes you want to yell “Well if you don’t want to eat all the things that I’ve named, how about you pick something instead of making me read off food options like I’m reading the Periodic Table”!!!


10) Eat What’s On Your Plate In Addition To Theirs

So after going through the agony of number 9 on this list, you both finally are sitting down and eating.  But oddly enough, if you are eating the same thing, she’ll eat some of what you got on your plate.  Now this is not a huge deal, but does food look better on our plate than on theirs? If one of you knows the answer to this then please enlighten me.

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