Lanard Wentz

We’ve stated before in our Classy and Comfortable – “Fall”ing for Footwear article that your footwear is the single most important element of your ensemble.  Now you may have felt that was only applicable to when you threw on a suit and tie; but no, that goes for whatever you have on.

I would like to be completely forthright and transparent; we don’t proclaim to be Saints here at Virile.  Some of the things we like will certainly get us thrown out of your neighborhood church.  When we reach the pearly gates, we may have to do some explaining in order for us to be granted access. 

But we live in our truth, and the truth is we like the adult film industry.  Who am I kidding; we LOVE the adult film industry!

Buying power; one of the key components in today’s financial world.  It is almost impossible to live in our modern society without utilizing credit in some shape, form, or fashion.  Your credit (buying power) is as vital as your ability to generate income.  

No matter where I go I just can’t escape it.  If I’m watching TV, somebody is debating it.  If I listen to sports radio, somebody is debating it.  If I go on social media, somebody is definitely debating it. I just can’t escape the debate that just won’t go away: Who’s better between LeBron James and Michael Jordan?

Another exciting NBA regular season is in the books.  This proved to be a very competitive yet surprising season as we’ve seen certain teams perform beyond expectations, and certain players establishing themselves as superstars in the making. 

“Live from Bedford-Stuyvesant, the livest one/Representing BK to the fullest...”

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