Four Types of Women to Avoid Getting Into a Relationship With

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Wouldn’t it be good if selecting women was more like a walk down the aisle of your local pharmacy? With each item that we pick up in the pharmacy, we’re able to look at the warning label to see what harm each product can do to you if consumed or used incorrectly.  This gives us a heads up if the product is indeed what we need.

But as life would have it, we don’t have the luxury of warning labels being printed on women.  Finding out if she is the woman of your dreams, or the woman you wish you never met, takes for some interaction to get to know her.  But in due time, certain red flags may present themselves that may force you to head to the exits. 

Grab your pen and paper gentleman as we give you the four types of women you definitely should avoid.


The Gossiper

Look, you both will have lots of in depth conversation over the course of your courtship of her.  The typical getting to know you stuff.  You’ll keep a watchful eye for the things she says that you find appealing, or that will raise a red flag.    And a clear red flag is if she has the propensity to gossip.  And I don’t mean celebrity gossip.  It’s to be expected that what Beyoncé wore to an award show or who the latest guy a Kardashian is dating will be a topic of interest.  It’s the consistent gossiping that involves family, friends, and associates that should raise an eyebrow.  So at first her telling you about her best friend’s husband’s porn habit may be amusing, you may not want to hear about her other best friend’s husband’s erectile dysfunction issue.  Or you may not be too interested in knowing about her cousin’s neighbor having their car repossessed.  Or that one of her associates caught a STD from the one night stand she had while vacationing in the Caribbean. 

It may seem harmless but gossipers tend to hang out with other gossipers.  I mean, how else are they supposed to get and share their gossiping information? But what most gossipers tend to naively believe is that their fellow gossiper won’t gossip about them.  And this is where it gets bad for you because it’s a strong possibility that her circle of gossiping friends may find out some private details about you that you don’t want shared, and best believe they’re going to share it.  And word travels fast about a person’s reputation for gossiping.  You’ll hate bringing your lady to a social setting with other people and nobody wants to talk with her because she’s constantly running her mouth.  You don’t need those problems at all!


The Attention Whore

We here at Virile are not ones to call a woman out her name, but you’ll have to give us a pass on this one.  The Attention Whore is one that may present the biggest headache out of all on this list.  Nowadays whenever you meet someone of interest, it’s quite normal to exchange phone numbers as well as social media information.  And social media is a very good tool to use to learn more about a person; it’s a representation of what that person does or how they present themselves.   A brief look at a person’s Facebook or Instagram page can quickly give you a synopsis.  And if you happen to see a lot of sexually suggestive or scantily clad pictures posted, also known as Thirst Traps, then you may want to do an about face.  And you know exactly what pictures we’re talking about; if the majority of her pictures feature her standing with her ass to the camera, run.  A bunch of pictures with her boobs protruding out of low cut shirts, run.  Partially naked pictures, run.  Now if she is a model and is paid for posing in such pictures, that’s understandable.  But if she’s doing it for just likes and retweets, save yourself the headache because more than likely these actions won’t stop once she gets into a relationship. 

And being an Attention Whore is not limited to posting a bunch of Thirst Trap pictures.  You also have the “woe is me” Attention Whore.   This is the person who is always feeling sorry for themselves, and is constantly seeking the attention of others to pat them on the back about their sorrow.  This becomes quite depressing and annoying after a while.  So it’s best to dodge this bullet by any means necessary.


The Bitter Betty

One thing is for certain, if you date enough people and get into enough relationships you’ll eventually experience some sort of heartbreak.  It’s almost like an initiation; you have to go through the tough times before you can enjoy the good times.  Nobody wants to carry around the baggage of previous heartbreaks with them, except for The Bitter Betty.  Not only does Bitter Betty carry around the baggage, she dumps what’s in the baggage right on your living room table.  Whatever the guy(s) before you did to her, you’re going to bear the brunt of his actions.  And to be honest that is completely unfair to you.  You shouldn’t have to suffer because her ex-boyfriend cheated on her.  You shouldn’t have to suffer if she had poor selection in the types of men she dealt with in the past.  Before getting involved with the next man, she has to make sure she’s completely over the ex-man.  

So some warning signs would be if she frequently makes male bashing statements, or is overly pessimistic when it comes to men.  If her social media post exudes hurt and pain, then maybe she still is not completely over what she needs to get through.  Let’s be clear, we’re not saying that you must find someone who has never experienced any relationship bumps and bruises; you just don’t want to deal with someone who allows their past to harm their present and future.   


Ms. Attitude/Ms. Combative

Like I mentioned earlier, we don’t choose to call women out their name so we’ll refrain from using a particular “B” word that rhymes with witch.  Instead we’ll just label this type of woman Ms. Attitude/Ms. Combative.  And this is the woman who knows she is difficult to deal with, has no shame in being difficult to deal with, and dares you to do something about the fact that she is difficult to deal with.  On one hand you want to commend this type of woman for at least letting it be known that she’s an asshole.  But on the other hand, nobody wants to put up with her shit so don’t subject yourself to it either.  This type of woman will take years off your life with the constant bickering, nagging, and being stuck up and pompous.  If she easily engages in arguments and disagreements, and overall has a negative disposition, it would be best to cut whatever ties you have with her expeditiously.  Things will only get worse as you progress from dating to relationship to marriage.


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