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A lot of men walk around with these super big egos, like they’re God’s gift to women and think that because they’ve been blessed with a King Kong sized penis, they automatically have THE KEY.  Some think that because they last all night and can go round for round, it’s the end all be all.

Well I have a secret for some of you men—YOU’RE WRONG!!!  And just because a woman may over dramatically be hollering and screaming when you’re beating it up with that King Kong sized penis or you have many different women that you can add to your body count, doesn’t mean you know what you’re doing either.  When you REALLY know what you’re doing, it’s because you’ve taken the time to REALLY understand women and what we like and dislike.

Now yes, no one woman is the same as another woman but what I can tell you is, we’re wired COMPLETELY different from you men.  Where most of you men need to have no type of mental connection or even a physical attraction to a woman to handle your business, it’s a bit different for us.  Now don’t get me wrong, there are some women out there who need none of that either but I’m telling you, for us, sex is wayyyyy better when the man is tuned all the way in.              

For one thing, where you may feel that foreplay is a waste of time, it’s truly essential for us.  If you want the p***y super wet, the size of your penis alone is NOT going to get us all the way there.  We need to be touched, kissed, licked, caressed EVERYWHERE!!!  Like, don’t come half stepping on the foreplay.  Don’t think sucking one breast is going to do the job.  If you suck one, make sure you suck two—no tit left behind.  Use your hands; be strong, yet gentle and don’t miss an inch!!!

Some men may try to hit the common areas like the neck and the breast and think its go time, but truly great sex includes parts of the body that one would never think of.  Next time you’re with a woman, try licking the small of her back or softly touching the back of her kneecap or the palm of her hand and you’ll see or better yet “feel” the fruits of your labor.

Now as I’ve mentioned previously, because you’re well-endowed doesn’t automatically make sex the greatest thing ever.  You HAVE TO know how to use it and know exactly what a woman can handle.  Nobody wants to feel repeated hard, painful thrusts in the stomach and on the flip side nobody wants short rabbit pumps either.  Become in tune with how she responds and find a beat that matches her rhythm.  And while you’re stroking continue to use those hands and lips and tongue.  It shouldn’t stop after the foreplay.  Don’t be afraid to talk a little dirty either.  That’ll send most women through the roof.

Next, the most important part of the female genitalia when it comes to sex is the clitoris.  This small, little, super sensitive part of the vagina has more power over the body than anything.  This spot MUST NOT be missed.  Most (not all) women cum way easier clitorally than internally so by all means don’t bypass this piece of pleasure.  Just go home if you feel the need to do so.  But don’t just go straight for it.  All the foreplay I talked about before should be a buildup and when you make your way to that special pot of gold (GENTLY) with your tongue or fingers, the flood gates should erupt!

Lastly, sex is about quality not quantity.  So just because you can stroke for hours or back to back to back, you have to understand, that there’s only so much a real vagina can handle.  Because quite frankly, a fairly timed session with multiple orgasms or one dynamic orgasm versus a long drawn out session with no or mediocre orgasms will win every time.              

When sex is inhibition-less it makes for a great time and when you truly take the time to learn your partner, it becomes super easy to make a woman step outside of her comfort zone and fully open up.  The point is to stimulate ALL of the senses so each experience can be unmatched.  Now of course that may also be liable to make a woman a “tad” crazy but look on the bright side, you won’t be the butt of any jokes during girl talk.  But hey, I don’t have all of the answers; you can choose to take heed to my input or not.  Just remember, a King Kong penis or an everlasting stamina won’t take you far without the other essential components.

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