Spring Into Greenery!

June 12, 2017 Written By: 

Pantone, the leading agency in color reports and color forecasting, deemed “greenery” as the 2017 color of the year. Fashion houses, bloggers, and trendy people alike, will cling to this color and utilize it in their collections and everyday wardrobes.

Particularly, the Spring and Summer will be decorated with elements of green and believe it or not, many of the pieces have already trickled in to major retailers as early as this past February. See, in the fashion world, designers are already planning Spring and Fall 18’ and some Spring 19’ collections if you can believe that. Fashion is fast paced, trendy, and cyclical. As a result, many of the trends your parents wore in their youth, come back around some twenty to thirty years later.

Below is a display of how the modern man can inject this sense of “greenery” into his wardrobe, without feeling like he’s over the top.


Accessorize –  with a watch, a tie, or socks as they’re a great way to stay on trend this season.



Step into something different – sometimes you must be bold and go for it!




Travel in style – ditch the traditional suitcase and invest in a messenger or overnight duffle.



If you’re a little more fashion forward and willing to take calculated risks, forego the elements above and jump in head first; which is something I encourage.


I’d love to see how you utilized greenery in your ensembles this season and would love your feedback. Feel free to stay in contact with me via social media and tag me on your post as you display the knowledge you learned on Virile World.


Ryan Jor El

Ryan Jor El is a Wardrobe Consultant/Personal Shopper, Speaker, and Event Host who believes “Good clothes open all doors,” and lives by his personal mantra, “Inspire to Attire,” while achieving the goal to never look like the next man in the room.


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