The 10 Most Iconic Sneakers of All-Time

July 19, 2018 Written By: 

We’ve stated before in our Classy and Comfortable – “Fall”ing for Footwear article that your footwear is the single most important element of your ensemble.  Now you may have felt that was only applicable to when you threw on a suit and tie; but no, that goes for whatever you have on.

And if we’re talking footwear, nothing comes close to the level of significance as sneakers.  Kicks, as they are also referred to as of the early 90’s, have essentially become a culture all of its own.  In fact, the term “Sneakerhead” was birthed due to the fanatical level some go to in order to get their hands on signature kicks.

But to a true Sneakerhead, just getting your hands on the flyest sneaker is not enough; now they have become sneaker collectors. 

Yes, collectors.  It’s the norm to spend a couple hundred dollars on special edition sneakers and never wear them.  It’s the norm to resell the sneaker for close to double the price, if not more.  Listen, this Sneakerhead thing gets deep.  Very deep.

But let’s just say you’re not looking to flip sneakers like investment homes, but simply looking to beef up your collection or learn the basics of the sneaker game.  You’ve come to the right place my friend. 

We’re going to give you a quick visual lesson of the 10 most iconic sneakers of all-time.  These kicks have had the biggest impact on sneaker culture, and have stood the test of time to remain relevant and fashionable to this very day. 

Make sure you keep a pair of these in your rotation!


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