The Lost Art of Courting a Woman: How to Do It the Right Way

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In the era of “Netflix and chill” it seems like nowadays, dating and courting is a lost art.  It seems as though the fellas are putting in less effort to impress a woman during the pursuit of her and women are becoming either accepting of the lackluster approaches or fed up to the point where they don’t even want to date anymore.

But why is this?  Why has “Netflix and chill” become the go to for a date to the point where it makes actually cuddling up and watching a movie a bad thing?  What has happened to actual dating and courting?  And why do SOME men seem to hate doing it? Are us women’s expectations too high these days?  Or is the possible NO return on investment not worth it?

I personally think some men just suck at it OR think us women expect the moon, the stars and the sun to be impressed but it’s really not that deep.  So for the men who are out here messing up with no clue on how to treat a lady like a lady while pursuing her, I’m going to give you a few tips.

MOST women simply want to feel appreciated and thought of, so while some of you men are thinking we expect a $500 date every time we go out, that’s not the case.  If you’re really interested in a woman, have some conversation with her before an actual date.  And I’m not talking about just going back and forth via text, I’m talking about some phone conversations.  Stimulate her mind a little.  Listen carefully to the things she says.  Take interest in her interests.  I promise you, by doing these things you’ll get to know her and it’ll make planning a date a piece of cake.

A date doesn’t always have to be super extravagant and expensive but to make a woman feel appreciated; it needs to be thought out and personal.  For example; if you know this woman loves wine, INSTEAD of just going out for drinks or inviting her over to finish off a bottle, plan a date to go wine tasting at a vineyard.  It’s super inexpensive, will be a different environment than the same mundane and give you two time to connect.  It’ll show her that you paid attention and took interest in her interests.  And even if you two don’t hit it off on the date, you probably only lost about $20.00.

MOST women like to feel like a woman when in the presence of a man.  Be strong but soft.  And when I say soft, I don’t mean soft like a girl, I mean be a gentleman.  Yes, we pay attention to little things like opening doors, pulling out seats, walking on the outside, etc.  And while these things may sound corny and old fashioned, they do go a long way.  Nothing like feeling like you met somebody who listened, was thoughtful and on top of that a gentleman.

More than likely if you can hit these nails on the head you may be hitting something else a lot sooner than you think.  We all know that there’s no guarantee in dating and it can be very frustrating.  We know that at times it’s wasted money and wasted time but nothing worth having comes easy.  So if you feel like a woman is worth it, take heed to these little tidbits and watch what happens.  And even if you don’t agree, I can only speak from my own experience.  These are just my thoughts.

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