The Top 10 Diss Records of All-Time

August 10, 2017 Written By: 

As fans of Hip Hop, there are quite a few things that standout in our minds when we think of the most memorable songs ever made.  When we think of a good story telling song, we may think of Children’s Story by Slick Rick or Stan by Eminem.  If we’re thinking of posse cuts, maybe Scenario by A Tribe Called Quest and Leaders of the New School comes to mind.  And if we’re thinking of club bangers, what better song to think of than 50 Cent’s In da Club?

But what really leaves a lasting impression on the minds of Hip Hop fans, is a great diss record. 

Luckily for us we’ve been blessed with a ton of exceptional diss records over the decades since Hip Hop’s inception, but there are some that are just upper echelon.  The crème de le crème. 

There are our picks for the best diss records ever. 


10) To da Break of Dawn – LL Cool J

No conversation about Hip Hop diss records can take place without mentioning the legendary LL Cool J.  LL is no stranger to battling as he’s been in his fair share of lyrical scuffles since the 1980’s.  But out all of his diss records, To da Break of Dawn is without question his best one. 

Featured on his classic album Mama Said Knock You Out as well as the soundtrack for the movie House Party, LL rips apart not one but three MCs in one song! First he annihilates his longtime nemesis Kool Moe Dee (Songs that ain’t strong, brother you’re dead wrong/and got the nerve to have them Star Trek shades on), belittles MC Hammer (you little snake in the grass/you swing a hammer but you couldn’t break a glass/gimme a lighter – woof/now you’re cut loose, from that jheri curl juice), and then ends it off with destroying Ice-T (I’m not Scarface, but I want more beef/before you rapped you was a downtown car thief/working in a parking lot/a brother with a perm deserves to get burned). 

There’s not too many rappers that have a better record in battling than LL, and this is a sample of why. 

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