The day has come. Yup, it’s here. And I am not talking about spring/summer. Nor I am talking about the day all humans become zombies and I retreat to Atlanta. I am talking about the day where this column discusses one of the spirits I swore off years ago. Man. Who would have thought that I would writing a column on booze, about booze and better ways to try such booze? Not me but here we are. And given that fact, I cannot gloss over certain liquors given my history or lack of enthusiasm. I should, must and will write about them all. So, the day has come…let’s talk about gin.

Spring! Is that you? Perhaps. Maybe. According to the calendar, yes. But with this weather and some form of global warming it’s hard to tell. However, the months that encompass spring and summer are upon us which bring warmer temps. And BBQs. And beach weather. And cool drinks. If you are like me, that still means wine [wine all year around for me] and what a better way to break the habit of red wine than with white wine.

Where to begin? Well, it starts back to the days of watching my father order up drinks on family outings. Beer and a side car of vodka. I knew he enjoyed beer but I never knew why he asked for the shot of clear liquid. There was just something about seeing it in the small glass that intrigued me.

Now before I get started, let me say this…if your only memories or experiences with tequila involved a guy named Jose Cuervo while on spring break in Mexico or shots in some nondescript back alley bar, you should read this. And then revisit tequila and some of your choices in life. 

There comes a time in your life when you start to realize that a change is going to come and there are better versions of things you are currently doing. For me, that time and opportunity came back in July 2004.

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