Top Problems Men in Relationships Deal with on Social Media

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Being in a relationship is hard for us men ain’t it.  So much we have to worry about and make sure that we’re doing right.  So many things to remember.  So many things we have to say a certain way.  So many dates we have to memorize in our head.  So many corny things we have to do to in order to keep our woman happy. 

As Jay-Z once said “This relationship shit is complicated”.

Well fellas, as if we didn’t have enough to worry about we now have to be conscious of how we conduct ourselves on social media.  Yes, we must exercise some etiquette while using our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat accounts.

Now to most of us some of these “offenses” may seem very trivial and silly; but as you already know women do not view things how we view it.  So what we may perceive as harmless, they may perceive as being disrespectful. 

So taking that into account, be mindful of the following “offenses” that can have you sitting in the doghouse.  Some of these are totally within your control; others not so much.  But either way, at least you’ll be aware of these potential problem starters.


Not Updating Your Relationship Status

We’ll start right from the very beginning of your relationship.  In the social media era, the perception is that your relationship is not “real” until you change your relationship status on Facebook.  Now you may be saying “what’s the big deal”; trust me, it’s a BIG deal.

It’s fairly simple; the changing of your relationship status pretty much tells the world you’re off limits.  You are taken.  Off the market.  Not available for play.  It’s the social media equivalent of a wedding ring; once another woman sees it, she’s supposed to back off.  Key word “supposed” but we’ll address that later.

Also, this serves as your acknowledgement of your significant other.  She now feels that you have announced her to the world, or at least to your friends list and followers.  She’s been put on a pedestal if you will. 

Failing to do this may give off the impression to her that you’re still playing the field, or you’re being secretive about her.  Is that the reality; of course not.  But it’s the perception, and we know that perception is some people’s reality. 


Not Posting Pics (or enough pics) of your Significant Other

So you thought changing your relationship status was all that you had to do to put yourself in clear; wrong! Now you must also post pictures of your significant other.  Posting pictures of you and your boys tailgating or hanging out just ain’t going to cut it anymore. 

This all ties into the whole being secretive about her perception; you can post pictures of everything else, but her?  It can come off rather suspicious if you frequently post pictures of everything else in your life, except her.  And God forbid you both have mutual friends on Social Media; this can lead to unnecessary chatter about your relationship.

Ultimately you want to use good judgement and don’t over-do it.  If you’re a guy who posts pictures periodically, post pictures of the two of you periodically.  Keep the same pattern that you have, just include her in the mix. 


Liking “Questionable” Pictures on Instagram

Fellas if you didn’t know already, people can see what pictures you like on Instagram (if it’s a profile that is public).  This can be nothing major, or depending on the wife/girlfriend, this can be very major.

Let’s be honest, there is an abundance of eye candy floating around on Instagram.  There are fitness gurus, exotic dancers, porn stars, or women who post scantily clad photos just to get attention.  Whatever the case is, you liking a photo (or several photos) of one of the aforementioned types of women can be seen by others.  And if she so happens to follow you on Instagram, and see’s you liking 17 pictures from @Big_Booty_Hoes, you may have some explaining to do.

You can really be setting yourself up for an uncomfortable conversation if you happen to like photos of certain “fetishes” out there.  Let me just say this, not every photo needs to be liked.  Save yourself the headache; take a nice look at it, then keep scrolling.


Women Leaving Emojis in your Comments

As luck would have it, not only can we get in trouble for what we do ourselves on Social Media; we can also get in trouble for what others do on social media.  Case in point; Emojis.  Who would have thought that a bunch of silly faces and icons could cause so much trouble.

Yes, something as trivial as an emoji can be enough to have her asking you a bunch of questions.  The emojis that seem to cause the most trouble are the tongue, lips, eye balls, eggplant, water drops, and the face with hearts for beady eyes just to name a few. 

Emojis can be interpreted as a sign of flirting from another woman.  I mean let’s face it; the eggplant emoji is the universal meaning of a man’s dick.  So a woman leaving that in your comments will understandingly raise an eyebrow.  

You can’t control what others do, but you can control the context of the comments on your social media page.  If all else fails, just delete the inappropriate comments and emojies before your wife or girlfriend sees it!


Comments From the Same Woman Over and Over Again

Once again the comments section can lead to turbulence.  This time around it centers around the frequency that some women comment on your post or pictures.   It’s one thing if another woman chimes in on your jokes, or is always first to congratulate you on some good news that you shared.   But best believe a frequent female commenter will soon pop up on your wife or girlfriend’s radar. 

“Why is she always commenting or liking your pictures”?

“Why is she always commenting and laughing at your jokes? Your jokes are not that funny”.

“I find it funny that your little friend always has something to say on each of your post”.

To you and I this may be a case of something being taken way out of proportion (it’s just comments, right), but women know how women think and how they move so a frequent commenter may be perceived as the other woman trying to infringe on her territory.  You can be completely innocent of any wrong doing, but a perceived threat can lead to some questioning.

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