Understanding and Mastering Timing

October 25, 2017 Written By: 

I hope you are having a wonderful start to your day. Its’ been raining here in Charlotte the last few days but the sun is supposed to come out a bit later. Today’s object lesson comes from a phenomenon that I witness (and I am quite sure you see it as well) from time to time as I am driving. It starts off with a person behind you in traffic.

You may be doing the speed limit or slightly above it but in no rush. The person behind you gets impatient and looks for ways to speed you up. Either they get close to your bumper or begin to switch lanes in hopes the person in the other lane will be a speed demon or get the hint and go faster. However, the process happens, they finally get past you only to get caught at the impending red light! All that lane switching and impatience led them to the exact same place you were headed as well; the red light. They just got there faster. And then you look at them just to see what all the fuss was about!

It's very interesting to me to see people "rush to the red light." As if getting to a designated area of stagnation is a true achievement. Myself, I have learned to enjoy the journey. The time spent getting to my arrival point. The red lights will be there. No need to rush to them! And I will not have others in traffic push me to them faster. I will decide how fast or slow I want to drive. But what's even more interesting is when I drive slower and take my time, the lights seem to change as I get there, helping me avoid the long waiting time at the red light.

Take from that what you will. But in life as in business, we will have plenty of anxious moments, times we speed and many times where we get caught at red lights. The message is to not rush and be pushed to points of stagnation. You need to dictate the tempo and flow of your business. If it needs to be sped up, you control that. If you need to slow it down, do that instead. Only you know what's best for your business. Let the others go around you and rush to the red lights. The funny thing is, by taking your time, you will be right beside them in no time and arrive as the light changes so you can keep on moving.

The measure of any business or business idea is the progress or the movement. Are you moving forward or backwards? Is the moving productive or is it negative? The speed at which you are moving is not the determinate of where or how far you will go. So again, no need to rush. Plan accordingly. Adjust. See the process all the way through. The best decisions are those that are made in confidence and with the right amount of information.

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Have an awesome day!


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