Five Ways to Tell Marriage is NOT For You

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Life is filled with milestones and achievements that most of us will experience.  They can range from graduating college, first time buying a home, or starting a business just to name a few.  But there are instances where certain milestones just aren’t a good fit, and marriage is an example of one.  To be frank, marriage is not for everyone.  Marriage presents the ultimate test of your interpersonal skills, and for some it’s best that it be avoided altogether.  Here are five quick ways to gauge if marriage is for you.

You CANNOT and WILL NOT Compromise

Let’s start this off with the inevitable when it comes to marriage, compromise.  There is no way around it, you and your spouse will not agree on everything.  And when those times come up, you both have to find a way to at least come to a median.  Or, there may be times where you have to give in and go with your spouse’s way.  There is always going to be some give-and-take and you have to be able to adjust.  But you have to be honest with yourself; if you are the type of person who is exceptionally stubborn or flat out selfish, then marriage definitely is not for you.  If it has to be your way or the highway, then you’re better off staying a bachelor.  You’re stubbornness will eventually eat away at the marriage and you’re unwillingness to compromise will eventually lead to its demise. 


You Don’t Like Rules

You like the freedom of going out with your boys for a night of drinking and coming home at 4 or 5 AM? You like leaving a pile of dirty clothes in the corner of your bedroom instead of throwing it in the laundry basket? How about drinking straight out the orange juice carton, leaving just a swig left, and putting the carton back in the refrigerator? Well you can kiss all that goodbye.  Whether you like it or not, wives make rules.  And for the sake of you not having to get an earful from her, or her withholding sex, you’re going to have to abide by these rules.  And in fairness women are very good at bringing order into a man’s life, but you have to be willing to accept that some of the order she brings is going to be a direct attack against some of your bad habits. 


Your Communication Skills Suck

There is one thing that is critical for a marriage to succeed, communication.  You and your spouse must have open communication in order to navigate through the rest of your lives together.  You must be able to decipher her communication style, and adjust your communication style accordingly if needed.  If she points out ways to improve your communication skills to better interact with her, be sure to listen and value her input.  Communication is a skill that you have to want to be good at; some of us are naturally better at it than others but we all need to put forth effort to make sure we’re as efficient as we can be at it.  If you know communication is not your strong suit, and you know you won’t have the desire to work at it, then its best to not even get fitted for the tux.


You Can’t Control Yourself once Agitated

In marriage the disagreements are for certain going to happen, and some of these disagreements may be more passionate than others.  And before any disagreements go overboard and get out of control, both spouses have to be able to tone it down and revisit the disagreement when both have cooled off.  One thing that is uncalled for and should never happen is verbal or physical abuse.  Physical abuse goes without saying; we all know putting your hands on a woman is completely unacceptable and will rightfully land you in jail.  But equally unacceptable is verbally abusing your spouse.  If you know that you have a foul mouth and have a propensity to hit below the belt verbally, change that habit or don’t subject anyone to have to deal with that. 


You Can’t Keep Your Dick in Your Pants

If you are fortunate to find a wife who is open enough to bring another woman into your bedroom, then you can stop reading here…… lucky bastard.  For the rest of us who more than likely won’t find someone that will allow you to get laid by other women, keep reading.  Whether it was God or Science, men were dealt a bad hand when it comes to controlling our urges to conquer as many women as humanly possible.  The levels of testosterone that runs through our body has essentially handicapped us when it comes to promiscuity.  Now it would be nice if wives were understanding of our genetic shortcomings, but the truth is they don’t want to hear that shit.  So this leaves us with a decision to make; do you be faithful to your wife and never stick your dick in another woman again, or do you forsake finding and maintaining love just so you can bang as many women as Ron Jeremy.  If you know in your heart that there is no way you can stick to just having sex with one woman for the rest of your life, then don’t bother saying I Do. 


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