Top 5 Ways to Talk Your Way Out of Sex

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A lot of women say that they know within the first few moments of meeting a man if they’ll have sex with him or not.  Now although there is much truth to this, it’s definitely not as black and white as it sounds.

I may look at a man and think hmmm he’s pretty sexy, has nice lips, seductive eyes, a strong back and nice hands, he looks good and “fuckable” but his talk game is what actually seals the deal.

Does his word play entice me?  Does it make me think? Can his words back up those sexy looks?  Is he confident in what he says? Does he know how to talk strong like a man but soft enough to a lady? Can he make me laugh?  Is his voice appealing to the ear?  Now although this may sound like a thorough analysis—it’s really not.  This can be summed up in just a few moments.  And if all of these factors are surpassed, then it’s a POTENTIAL go.  At this point, once it’s determined that he’s definitely “fuckable,” it’s up to him to stay that way.

As easy as his talk game can get him through the door, it’s just as easy to get his ass kicked right on out into the place NO MAN wants to be—the friendzone.  I’m going to give you men a few pointers, just in case you don’t know:

  1. Talking TOO much- Although most women appreciate a good conversationalist, nobody wants a man who won’t SHUT THE FUCK UP. Don’t give so much, let us ask a question first.  Engage in our thoughts and opinions.  Ask us about our lives.
  2. Not talking enough- Yes, I just said talking TOO much is a no no but if you sit there like a damn mute, you’re boring and probably boring in bed and I’m no longer interested.
  3. Overly talking about sex- Yes, sex is natural and we all (well most of us) do it and a little flirtatious innuendo here and there is cool but overly bragging on what you can do and will do will PROBABLY ensure that you won’t be doing anything this way sir. You probably ain’t even all that anyway.
  4. Talking TOO MUCH about your past loves/lovers- Yes, some disclosure about our past is needed to get a clear understanding of who we are today but if you seem TOO hung up on your past, TOO hurt to move forward or TOO reminiscent on the love you had, that’s more than likely a one way ticket back to your past!!! And lastly…
  5. Too many sideway references about our hair and other esthetics- I don’t care what your thoughts are on weave, makeup, waist trainers, etc., DO NOT comment on that. Nothing worse than a woman feeling good about herself and a man making her feel uncomfortable by tastelessly saying something stupid like, “you’re so beautiful, why do you have on makeup,” “Is your hair really that long?” “Those backwards ass compliments and dumb questions will cut that date real short?

Now I know, much of this sounds like a no brainer.  But hey there really are men out there that are clueless.  Some men rely on their striking looks and being anatomically endowed to lead the way but that doesn’t always work and if you’re lacking in those areas then your talk game needs to be immaculate and I suggest you take heed.  But hey, I don’t have the Holy Grail to this dating thing but I do know a thing or two.

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